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California Air Resources Board Offers EV Incentive for Agriculture, ZAP Electric ATV Qualifies

November 12, 2010 3 comments
Here comes the DUDE, ZAP's all electric ATV.

ZAP's all electric ATV is eligible for a 25% sales rebate from California

SANTA ROSA, California (October 22, 2010) – A new electric all terrain vehicle (ATV) from ZAP (OTC BB: ZAAP) is eligible for a 25 percent sales rebate from the State of California Air Resources Board, under a program to support the use of electric vehicles from agriculture. On September 16, 2010 the rebate amount increased from 15 percent to 25 percent of the manufacturer’s suggested retail price.

The ZAP DUDE all electric ATV is great for agriculture.

Wired Winery - ZAP DUDE Electric ATV

ZAP’s DUDE all-electric ATV is ideal for agricultural operations, like wineries, dairies, farms, ranches, wholesale, nurseries, raising and harvesting of crops from soil, the raising of fowl or animals, logging and forestry operations.

The $1.1 million Zero-Emission Agricultural Utility Terrain Vehicle (Agricultural UTV) Rebate Project is intended to encourage and accelerate the use of zero-emission work vehicles for use in California agricultural operations, as defined by ARB’s Regulation for In-Use Off-Road Diesel Vehicles.  The program provides rebates for the purchase of new, eligible all terrain and utility vehicles on a first come, first serve basis. Rebates for these vehicles are now available through the Agricultural UTV Rebate Project and implemented statewide by the San Joaquin Valley Unified Air Pollution Control District (SJVUAPCD).

“ZAP’s participation in this rebate project is providing eligible California consumers with a clean technology option at a time when our state needs it most,” said Lucina Negrete, Manager Air Quality Implementation Section Mobile Source Control Division.

Eco-friendly yet powerful, the ZAP DUDE is a 4X2 designed to handle heavier jobs at an MSRP of $5,495.00.  The 4000 watt, 8 horsepower electric motor can tow up to 650 lbs. and drives the Dude up to 25 MPH. The entry-level Dude can travel up to 25 miles.  Range will vary significantly depending on hill grade, speed, rider weight and other factors.  The batteries can be recharged using the on-board charger at any standard outlet.  The Dude has a front and rear cargo rack capacity of 100 lbs. each and a rider weight capacity of 290 lbs. and uses rugged steel construction.

The ZAP DUDE electric ATV can carry up to 100 lbs on its cargo racks.

ZAP DUDE working at a dairy.

While the ZAP Dude is ideal for agrarian tasks and hunting/outdoor sports, it is also a handy, reduced-noise utility vehicle for parks, zoos, campuses, sports stadiums, facilities golf courses, maintenance, and security.  With reduced engine noise, the Dude allows hunters to more easily approach game.  Because it creates no tailpipe emissions, the ZAP electric ATVs can be used safely indoors as well.

Electric ATVs offset many of the objections leveled at gas models.  Electric motors produce substantially less noise than their gas counterparts.  They help save money with electricity costing about one cent per mile versus ten cents or more per mile for gasoline. Research shows that electric motors have less maintenance with fewer moving parts subject to wear and tear, with no oil changes, spark plugs or tune-ups required.

Electric ATVs operate at much lower temperatures compared to internal combustion models, so riders have little worry of burning their legs or sparking a brush fire. ZAP recommends riders always wear a helmet and use their ATVs only off-roads.

About ZAP

ZAP has been a leader in electric transportation since 1994, delivering over 117,000 vehicles to consumers in more than 75 countries. ZAP manufactures a line of electric vehicles, including electric city-cars and trucks, motorcycles, scooters, bicycles, and ATVs. ZAP sells some of the only electric city-speed cars, trucks and vans in production today and is developing a freeway capable electric vehicle called the ZAP Alias. For product, dealer and investor information, visit

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ZAP DUDE electric ATV used for golf course maintenance towing a lawnmower.

Golf Course Maintenance.


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