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ZAP Jonway Announces First EV Product Roadmap Leveraging Subsidiaries’ Strengths

The vehicle catalog for ZAP Jonway JNZ 2012

Focusing on New Energy Efficient Vehicles, Gasoline and Full Electric, Utilizing Common Platforms

SANTA ROSA, California – November 15, 2011 – ZAP Jonway (OTC BB: ZAAP), a designer and manufacturer of gasoline and new energy electric vehicles (EVs), after extensive strategic planning and integration development, announced its joint product roadmap for 2012. The roadmap is focused on delivering affordable and technologically competitive new gasoline and EV models that address the growing market demand.

Dr. Priscilla Lu, Chairman of ZAP Jonway, stated: “The new ZAP Jonway models planned for delivery in 2012 maximize the strengths of both subsidiaries, ZAP and Jonway Auto. The new models utilize the experience base and the combined resources from both subsidiaries to accelerate the new EV models’ time to market, while maintaining the originally planned introduction of Jonway’s new gasoline models to the market in 2012.  The new JNZ product line is designed to address EV platform requirements while remaining adaptable to either gasoline or an electric power train.”

Alex Wang, CEO of ZAP Jonway stated: “We are introducing a line-up of EV automobiles that will showcase our product quality and technology, and reposition the new ZAP Jonway brand. We are pleased to be able to expand the capabilities of Jonway Auto’s ISO:9000 certified factory to now include the new EV production line.  We have engineered the integration of Mitsubishi drive trains in our gasoline vehicles to include industry-leading five-year warranties in China.  We have jointly integrated and developed technologies to support Remy Motors’ industry-leading EV power train in our core EV platform for our top of the line EV models. Working together as one team to deliver these new models demonstrates our joint commitment to become a competitive supplier in the New Energy Vehicle market in China and the rest of the world.”

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