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Zapino Electric Scooter Earns Rave Reviews

Classic style with advanced electric vehicle technology

The ZAPINO electric scooter is practical and fun.

150 MPGe or higher?  It’s possible with electric scooters and if you’re shopping around, “just about everyone seems to like the Zapino electric scooter by ZAP,” writes Metaefficient.com, which reviewed a dozen different models.

“Style conscious… a touch of Italian élan,” say CNN and AOL Autos. A “hefty steed,” writes others, with “advanced” wheel motor technology, some zoom for “speed demons” with “great storage,” and a “cheap price tag.”

TIME, CNN, AOL Autos, Sierra Club, San Francisco Examiner, Metaefficient, TreeHugger, Sprig, GreenHomeHuddler, customers, dealers and more have all named the Zapino among the top electric scooters.

See video of the Zapino in action on YouTube.com

There are more powerful electric vehicles on two wheels out there; Vectrix is more motorcycle-like with a much higher price tag.  Less expensive scooters like eGo with its lightweight, bicycle-like design just doesn’t have that “Quadrophenia” look of the Zapino.

The Zapino is available from ZAP, a company that has been in a pioneer in electric scooters, cars, trucks, ATVs and other vehicles since 1994, with more than 100,000 delivered.  So, not only is the Zapino the choice of the experts, media and electric scooter buyers, it’s backed by an experienced supply chain and a network of knowledgeable dealers, sales and service technicians.

If you want to really go green, save green and look cool doing it, the Zapino seems to be the scooter of choice.  Read all the reviews available online below.


“This motor is so powerful it can win drag races against gas scooters, with speed and acceleration that leaves the polluters in their own dust.” — Metaefficient.com

“The most powerful scooter in its class.” – TreeHugger,

“Best suited for darting around city traffic.” — Sierra Club Magazine

“I raced it against some 50 cc gas scooters and the Zapino beat them off the line.” — Baker M. of Colorado.


“Style Concious…” — CNN

“A touch of Italian élan.” – AOL autos

The storage case for the ZAPINO electric scooter

The ZAPINO electric scooter has plenty of storage


“Nice storage areas for grocery runs.” — Metaefficient.com


“EV companies tend to focus on advanced batteries or quick-charging, but I believe wheel motors have been the biggest breakthrough.” — Gary Starr, ZAP Founder, More Info: Click Here

“The hub motor in the rear wheel creates more room on-board for additional batteries… eliminates the need for belts, or chains, resulting in a more enjoyable ride with less vibration and noise, and a smoother acceleration.” — Metaefficient.com


“While today’s gasoline and diesel engines utilize less than 50 percent of their available energy, wheel hub motors are projected to use up to 96 percent of the provided electrical energy for vehicle propulsion” – GreenCar.com


Electric scooters cost about one-third to fuel versus gas.  ZAP estimates a full charge for the Zapino at 25 cents, which means it cost about a penny a mile to fuel.  A gas scooter can get about 85 MPG, which equates to about three cents per mile. – Source: Motor Scooter Muse


“The hub motor in the rear wheel… eliminates the need for belts, or chains… reducing overall maintenance.” — Metaefficient.com

“Hefty steed,” Sprig.com


“Notably, even if BEVs (battery electric vehicles) are recharged with electricity from power plants that use fossil fuels, they are up to 99 percent cleaner than conventional vehicles and can cut global warming emissions by as much as 70 percent. — Union of Concerned Scientists


“The Zapino is a big jump ahead and a whole new market for this company. Given it’s relatively cheap price tag for what it’s offering, I expect these to get fairly popular.” – zoomiscooters


Metaefficient.com Zapino

Metaefficient.com All

CNN.com / AOL Auto

Time Magazine mention for Zapino

Sierra Club Magazine



Union of Concerned Scientists

Scooter Economy

  1. tim
    March 16, 2011 at 2:44 pm

    As the main innovation, the Zapino has a hub brushless motor in the rear wheels, thus allowing more space for batteries under the seat and the announced price, a tad less than 3 grand, is quite adequate for the product.

  2. March 29, 2011 at 2:32 pm

    The economic benefits of electric bicycles are better, in terms of quick payback, than insulating your home. Substituting e-bike trips for car trips saves on purchase price, insurance, and registration fees. Beyond the purchase price, cars cost about $0.10 per mile in fuel and parts. Some families will use an electric bike to augment their car use, while others will find tremendous savings by living with one less car. For some folks, there’s no comparison because they don’t have a license to drive – and don’t need one for an electric bike.

  3. tim
    March 30, 2011 at 12:39 pm

    Electric scooters present a reasonably priced substitute to gas scooters and also are very eco-friendly.

  4. June 27, 2011 at 7:53 am

    Electric scooters are becoming more popular around our college as the kids are looking for cheaper alternatives to expensive gas guzzleing motors since the recession hit.

  5. September 7, 2011 at 4:03 am

    Electric scooters have many advantages that will benefit the users.

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