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Putting the ‘ZAP’ in transportation for 15 years

ZAP was founded in 1994 to create an automotive company that stands for the environment and for the future. In an era when government and industry are debating how to solve our growing transportation problems, ZAP has been a pioneer in providing cost effective advanced transportation solutions and helping to create a paradigm shift in transportation.  Indeed, ZAP has designed, manufactured and shipped over 117,000 electric vehicles, ranging from electric bikes to electric scooters, ATVs, cars, vans and trucLogo for electric vehicle pioneer ZAPks, to over 75 countries.

The logo for electric vehicle pioneer ZAP

ZAP is 15 years old.

ZAP is a business opportunity at a pivotal moment in history when average people around the world are coming to grips with pollution, rising fuel prices, traffic congestion, parking shortages, noise pollution, endangered habitats and species—the list goes on. The technology is available and the timing is right for a small group of entrepreneurs to save the world that we all love, for our children, grandchildren and beyond.

ZAP stands for Zero Air Pollution®.  Indeed, this ubiquitous word ‘zap,’ because of its active, succinct nature, has been a cultural icon since beyond reckoning, but we believe that now ‘zap’ has finally found a new positive meaning.  In fact the word ‘zap’ has been defined as a small electrical charge.  As a pioneer in electric vehicles, ZAP vehicles have become synonymous with electric vehicles.  People often call electric bikes ZAP Bikes, or electric scooters a ZAPPY®.

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