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ZAP 100% Electric Car Delivers for Dominos Pizza in Aspen, CO

Dominos is delivering pizzas with a 100% electric car from ZAP

Dominos in Aspen, CO is using a ZAP 100% electric car to deliver pizza

We’re excited to see the idea of electric delivery vehicles expanding throughout the world.  Summit Daily News featured our ZAP Xebra 100% electric sedan being used in Aspen, Colorado to delivery pizzas for Domino’s.

Electric vehicles work better for urban deliveries than gas vehicles because they turn off when stopped, so there is no excess idling while parked or at traffic lights.  Electric vehicles also have less emissions at their point of use, helping to fight urban smog.

ZAP has been selling more electric trucks and vans to companies and government agencies who manage large fleets of vehicles for transporting goods and personnel between buildings in a corporate campus or government installation.  Customers report big savings in fuel expenses using electric vehicles over their traditional large diesel or gas trucks.  Electric vehicles also require less maintenance than gas vehicles.

It’s impressive to see electric vehicles like these succeeding in cold mountain regions.  The use of a ZAP sedan for Domino’s Pizza delivery dates back to 2007 in Las Vegas.  Recently ZAP won a contract to engineer an electric mail truck conversion for the United States Postal Service.

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