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High school principal patrols via Zappy3 electric scooter

Electric scooter patrols high school in Texas

West Brook High School Principal Bill Daniels has instant mobility on the 100 acre campus with an electric scooter from ZAP. Click picture for VIDEO.

We thought this television news story was fun because we use Zappy3’s all over downtown Santa Rosa for work and play.  ZAP has sold thousands of these great scooters because they’re fun, easy, affordable and practical.  The Chief Financial Officer was riding down the hallway today on one.  The employees ride these back and forth between buildings and to go pick up lunch.  I see people all over town using them.  It’s great to see that this idea is starting to take hold in a place like Texas with even police using them.

Scootin’ around West Brook H.S.

Principal Bill Daniels is patrolling the halls like other authorities in BISD on his new ride

Kelly Gaston, KFWD News, March 4, 2010

Beaumont, Texas  — Administrators at West Brook High School in Beaumont have a new way to get around campus quickly when security or medical issues come up.  The high tech scooter even has the principal on a roll.

It’s not the most common way a principal patrols a high school, but for Bill Daniels it’s become a handy tool at West Brook.

“It provides us instant mobility places.”

Administrators and police have been testing this Zappy Pro. Daniels says they have had it for about three weeks and they are thinking about buying two.

“If there’s a problem somewhere on the campus or someone needs something, we use this; we can get right out there.”

Daniels says the scooter is easy to use; it’s versatile, and highly maneuverable.

“If you want turn to in one spot, it’ll pull you around,” said Daniels.

Seeing that West Brook sits on about 100 acres, the Zappy Pro is a great tool for police and administrators to overlook security and assist with medical issues. It can travel as fast as 15 mph and allows administrators to see above the students.

“West Brook’s kind of like a small city,” says Kristi Fuselier, WB Director of Student Activities. “We’ve got about 3000 people on campus at any given time between kids and administration and faculty, and anything can happen around here.”

A tool that is helping administrators patrol campuses and get from one point to another in a timely manner; the principal wants to get more scooters in the next couple of weeks.

KFDW News March 4, 2010

  1. July 9, 2010 at 10:31 pm


    Limitations of mobility scooters are plentiful, even for those who may think otherwise. If a person wants to travel around town in a scooter, then they should think of their path and how high the curbs are. Scooters sit very low to the ground and many times they are not able to navigate around certain areas of city streets.

  2. January 29, 2011 at 10:14 am

    what a great idea!!

    I think that a principal really needs to have a presence around his/her school, and by using a scooter like this, he/she can be anywhere very quickly. This would be a great deterrant to kids acting up.

    the only problem is, it doesn’t convey a sense of health and fitness for the students

    my two cents worth anyway…

    Doug Arn
    Scooter Insurance Zone,

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